Future Leaders Program
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Future Leaders Program

This program’s objective is to assist AJBCC members’ managers develop management skills for dealing in the Asian Century.


The AJBCC has established a Future Leaders program to support the development of the “next generation” of Australia-Japan business leaders. Building on the contributions of current and past leaders, and with the goal of maintaining the longevity and strength of the bilateral relationship over the longer-term, the program has established a network of Future Leaders who participate actively within the AJBCC.


The first Future Leaders’ roundtable was held as part of the 53rd Australia-Japan Joint Business Conference in Darwin in 2014. The roundtable was scheduled as part of the Conference program so the ‘leaders of tomorrow’ could discuss the status of the Japan-Australia bilateral relationship, and workshop ideas and suggestions for the future of the relationship. Participants were invited to examine where opportunities for the relationship lie and to look at ways to ensure the AJBCC and JABCC remain vibrant and relevant for the future generation of leaders. The Future Leaders identified key issues for the future of the Australia-Japan relationship, including professional development, community engagement, diversity and new business directions.

Building on the success of the first roundtable, the second Future Leaders’ roundtable then took place at the 52rd Australia-Japan Joint Business Conference in Fukuoka in 2015. The group was addressed by Andrew Harding, Rio Tinto’s Chief Executive Iron Ore, Australia, China and Korea, about the importance of longer-term trends in the Japan-Australia relationship.


The Future Leaders make active contributions to the annual conferences through the Future Leaders’ roundtables. The Future Leaders also provide feedback to the AJBCC Executive and build relationships with other like-minded organisations. In addition, the Future Leaders residing in Australia convene via teleconference on a regular basis, post articles and share information on LinkedIn community, and meet informally to catch up and continue to exchange ideas.

The highlights of Future Leaders’ initiatives are as follows:


  • Inaugural seminar in June 2016
  • 54th Annual joint business conference 2016


  • Pilot Mentoring Program
  • Upcoming Seminars
  • Seminar – Lesson Learned and new opportunities, 2nd June 2017
  • 55th Annual joint business conference 2017


  • Upcoming Seminars
  • Mentoring Program
  • Other initiatives


The Future Leaders Group principally consists of individuals who are under 40 years of age and are considered by their respective organisations as prospective future leaders in their own organisation as well as the Japan-Australia relationship.


AJBCC offers a heavily subsidised annual membership rate for a company employee who is nominated for participation in the Future Leaders program.

The Future Leaders Program and video was generously hosted by AJBCC Member Ashurst.


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